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Choose an appointment time that works for you. We are available in-person, online, or by phone. You can also designate a time best for us to call to discuss your specific real estate transaction. 

Receive a free real estate and auction consultation with our professionals. Based on your specific needs, we will a marketing and sales strategy, set a sell date, and start promoting your property to potential buyers.

We will keep you informed throughout the process in reference to marketing activities undertaken, their results, and people that have registered for the auction. You can also log into your account and see those results. 

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Holsell Real Estate Group offers a free auction evaluation on your property.

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Auction Process

An auction is great way to sell real estate by creating a competitive market in an orderly, expedient and efficient manner.

Auctions have been a useful, efficient way to sell property for thousands of years. The first recorded auctions were recorded around 500 B.C. in Greece. In Rome around the time of Christ, auctions were used to sell family estates and war plunder. Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius sold family furniture at auctions, for months, to satisfy debts. Roman soldiers sold war plunder at auction as well. The licensed auctioneer, called “Magister Auctionarium,” drove a spear into the ground to start the auction. Don’t worry at Holsell Auctions, we will not be using spears, but we will help you sell your property. If you are considering selling your property. Holsell offers a unique strategy to sell your property quickly and at the best price available.

You are  always in control of price through a reserve and have the ability to accept or reject the final bid unless you decide to sell absolute. Competitive auctions are the best way to get real-time pricing on your property. If the property does not meet your reserve, we will run it again at no cost or relisting fee. If the property does not sell after a second time, we will give you the option to evaluate the last price and adjust your strategy for convert it to a traditional listing. We then aggressively list your property and sell through a structured listing process. Either way, Holsell will sell your property at the best price the market will bear at that time. 

Experience the closest thing to a live auction online with our virtual auction technology. It's fast paced, competitive, and exciting. Grab your bidder card and we'll see you at the auction.

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After the Gavel Falls

After the gavel falls on a reserve auction, the seller has the right to accept the bid. If the property does not sell, our team of post-sale consultants list the property and aggressively markets the property in a traditional negotiated sale transaction. You are informed throughout the entire process of the marketing activities deployed, the potential buyers, the results from those activities, through closing and finalization of the transaction. After the sale, we don’t stop there. We have consultants on staff that can help you redeploy the capital into a 1031 exchange property to property or in a DST property. Discuss some options with our team members to help you keep more of your hard-earned money. 

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